Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Premium Suite For Samsung Galaxy Note

If you are envious of your friends or colleagues, who are flaunting  their new Galaxy Note-II having the  awesome Jelly Bean, you don't have to do it anymore. Samsung is there to help you out. They have recently announced the Premium Suite Upgrade for the original Galaxy Note just like they had done for Galaxy S-III some days ago.

Although they haven't announced any exact date yet, it is expected to arrive sooner. For the most up to date info you can always visit the official link. This Premium Upgrade includes all of the latest features like Multi-Window etc along with the latest Android version, Jelly Bean. Here is a list of the cool features that are bundled with the upgrade.

1. Multi-Window : The Multi-Window feature allows us to do multiple tasks on the same screen simultaneously. It not only gives us a great level of comfort but also looks damn cool.

2. Popup Note / Video / Browser : Popup Note helps in writing down the notes just by pulling out S Pen or double tap the screen. Whereas Popup Video and Browser allow users to watch videos or surf internet while doing some other tasks on the single screen.

3. Photo Note / Photo Frame : Photo Note feature allow users to write notes on the pictures.

4. Easy Clip : Easy Clip enables to crop an image from any source screen to save or share with adding text. Users can also add select text using Easy Clip by drawing a single line on it.

5. Paper Artist : Paper Artist provides photo editing by adding various built-in editing effects.

6. Handwriting on S Planner/ Email : Users can write notes in their own handwriting in S Planner and even send handwritten notes through Email.

7. Enhanced S Note : Users can add Sketch effect for various photo effect and image filters with Color Picker in the S Pen.

Another cool thing about this upgrade is that it includes the latest Android 4.1(Jelly Bean)  with Project Butter that smoothens the overall performance of the UI and enhances the graphics along with the awesome Google Now. Along with this, rumors are floating around that the new Premium Suite upgrade of Samsung Galaxy Note will also have the Air View. Although I am not 100% sure of it right now, i'll keep you updated as I get any news.

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