How to add minimize and maximize buttons in Gnome 3

In a recent post I had shown the steps to add the Power off option in the menu, which is absent by default, in Gnome 3. In this post we'll see another feature which most of us would love to have in our Gnome environment, especially guys coming from PC world. The minimize and maximize buttons.

In order to do that follow the specified below :

1. Open run box by pressing ALT+F2. Type dconf-editor in it and hit enter(Alternatively you can open   your terminal and type there).
   * If you don't have dconf install on your machine, you can install it using this command -
      apache@hadoop:~$ sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

2. This will open the dconf-editor and you will see something like this on your screen -

Now, go to org->gnome->shell->overrides and click there. It will open the editor in the right pane. Here click on the value against button-layout. By default it'll show only close there.

Add minimize and maximize option here and you are done.

Let me know if you face any issue. Thank you.

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